KeAnna Flores

As an active member of today’s ever growing Hip-Hop community and Street Dance Culture, KeAnna has been no stranger to the spotlight appearing alongside the ‘Black-ish’ superstar Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown for his “Memory Lane” music video, on tour with acclaimed Las Vegas illusionist and mentalist, Shimshi, and featured in two feature film documentaries (Cyphers: In The Zone, Worth The Weight) in which she was interviewed and documented for being one of the newest female role models leading the next generation of powerful women in Street Dance Culture. When the lights and cameras are off, KeAnna is still all about the action, since her 2014 debut as a competitive street dancer KeAnna has competed as a USA representative at international dance competitions in Montreal, Canada and Barcelona, Spain and is currently a consistent competitor at all major national competitions.