Laura Spurlock

Laura was born and raised in the Minnesota tundra. After having enough of the cold, she moved to sunny Florida to attend college on a music scholarship. She began teaching at 16 years old. She loved it, and continued to teach during her college years and after. Laura has a true passion for music, and shares that with her students. Laura has been awarded “Music Educator Of The Year” for several years through a large studio where she taught for 5 years. She is comfortable teaching little children through adults. She teaches piano, keyboard and organ. She is a dedicated, patient, energetic and kind instructor, and believes that every student she teaches will foster a lifetime love for music.

Laura is also a television editor for shows on HGTV, Discovery, PBS and more. She very much enjoys putting music to her shows, because she believes that music makes the show!

When she is not teaching, she’s most likely editing a television show. Also, she absolutely loves the Colorado outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, and making snow angels with her husband.