Maggie Boswell

Margaret Boswell is a composer, classically trained pianist, and singer currently living and working in the

Boston area. She holds a BM in Composition and Keyboard Studies from Samford University, and a MM

from the Longy School of Music. Her studies included compositional instruction under Joel Davis, Mark

Lackey, John Morrison, and Paul Brust, and piano instruction under Kathryn Fouse. She written for a

wide range of instruments and ensembles including many works for solo piano, Women’s and SATB

choir, art songs, String Quartet, Voice and Orchestra, various ensembles including unique arrangements of

instruments ranging from Tuba/Trombone/Viola/Piano (Premiered at the New England Conservatory in

2018) to Saxophone/Basson/Mezzo (premiered at the Longy School of Music in 2019). She also holds

her own studio of privately taught piano students of all levels and ages, has scored a small scale film, and

performed solo and in ensembles in Birmingham, Boston, Baltimore, Riga, Ĺ iauliai, and Tallinn. She has

had the privilege in the last few years to see her compositions performed by groups including Syberite 5,

The Amernet String Quartet, and been coached by groups like VOCES8, composer Javier Busto, and duo

Judith Bettina and James Goldworthy.


Ms. Boswell is a patient is passionate educator. It is her belief that lesson pace and structure should be

tailored to each student, but universally encouraging and inclusive of honest and constructive feedback.

Coming to answers and new realizations about practice and playing should be a careful balance between

direct feedback from the teacher and giving students the opportunity to come to these answers themselves

through self-awareness and analysis. It is important and beneficial to start to build intrinsic motivation in

students from the start; this way they immediately begin to foster the ability to learn independently and

create opinions about their artistry.


As an educator, composer, and performer she believes in a well rounded approach to engaging students

with music. This looks like emphasizing more than just pitches and perfect technique. Students can look

forward to also gaining an understanding of composers’ lives, the form in their music, how to incorporate

singing your notes into playing, how to speak and engage with others about their music in and out of a

performance setting, and even how to use their creativity to write and/or improvise. The goal is to create

musicianship and a love for music and its rich history in addition to proficient playing and technique