Mark Wilkerson

Mark started taking lessons because he wanted to play like his church piano player. Just so happened she opened a music store and started teaching lessons. Mark was nine years old when he started piano lessons. His instructor stated that after eight years she had taught him everything she could and referred him to a professional instructor who taught him for the next two summers.

After playing for church Mark started teaching lessons here and there over the next many years. In 2005 he started playing with bar bands in the Nashville area and was signed with Troy Wykle and Blue Steele band of Nashville. Mark and the band recorded a list of 5 songs at Hilltop studios in Nashville and toured regionally until the break-up of the band. Mark played locally for a few years around Nashville then moved to Kansas City where he continued to play locally. After six years he moved back to Nashville and went back to his roots, gospel music. He currently plays in a small country church in Williamson county and teaches locally.