Michael Kight

A product of his southern upbringing, Michael was introduced to his musical roots at an early age. Inspired by the foundations of pop & soul from Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five & The Temptations, and also country and rock legends like Elvis, Johnny Cash, or The Eagles,  Michael’s music is inspired by the emotional intimacy of the classics interwoven with modern-day commercial music.
Michael’s journey through music began in southern Georgia by learning how to sing and develop his voice at the age of five. Rooted in his church, performing on Sundays on guitar and singing gospel & worship tracks, he felt his bond to music growing stronger. He started playing trumpet at 11, guitar at 12, piano at 15, and he’s been singing since he was a young child. His passion for music and a career motivated him to continue his musical development in Nashville.
To Michael, music is creating a moment; a moment where you forget about everything and you just enjoy what you’re hearing. Time slows down when you are listening to an awesome song that really captures you. It’s a beautiful experience.
As an experienced performer, producer, and studio musician, Michael can help you accomplish your music goals!