Nick Eugene

Nick Eugene from the busy streets of Brooklyn New York, where he began playing classical piano. Nick attended and graduated Hunter College with a Bachelors in Music where he transitioned to playing jazz and blues on the piano, guitar and his primary instrument the saxophone. Currently, Nick is an active freelance musician and enthusiastic performing
artist in Tennessee. Most recently, he plays for the band “So It’s Real”. Nick has been teaching music privately for about 10 years to children ranging from 5 years old to adults as old 40. Although Nick can teach music in the Classical genre his main passion is for Jazz as he believes it gives students the ability to tap into their musical creativity while learning some of their more favorite, modern tunes of today. Nick is extremely structured as well as laid back. He believes the key to teaching music lies in patience because each musical journey is unique and be demanding and overbearing can strip away some of the enjoyment that’s comes from learning and playing music.