Phillip Lotterhos

Phillip Lotterhos holds a Bachelor’s in Contemporary Music from Palm Beach Atlantic University (2008), and after growing and selling a small business, he is currently pursuing his masters in Jazz Piano Performance at the University of Denver Lamont School of Music. Jazz is an art form that relies on creativity, playing with others, improvisation, and learning by ear. While proper technique is imperative, Philip finds that building upon a basis of music theory equips students to compose, be dynamic with others, and perform in a variety of musical styles more fluently. He works to build a foundation of knowledge of the core tenets of music theory to support growth and creativity every step along the way. Philip is passionate about connecting people to music. He teaches all styles – from classical, to jazz, to commercial music. Philip is committed to creating a custom learning experience by finding a process that works with – not against- the student via a custom teaching journey. He believes in the value of finding what students are most excited about and building upon that spark.