Phillip Rogers

Phillip Rogers comes from southern Georgia where he learned to love music growing up in his parents music store. He began playing music as a teenager taking guitar lessons from a local musician. His first band was a Hair Metal band in the Eighties. He played in a Punk Rock band while stationed in North Dakota in the nineties. He played bass in a blues band for five years and a bluegrass band for fifteen years. He loves all styles of music. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Albany State. He has taught private lessons for fifteen years to all ages and many styles of music. He teaches electric and acoustic guitar, electric and upright bass, as well as ukulele. His philosophy on teaching is it should be relaxed and fun, but practice makes perfect. He recently moved to Clarksville with his daughter after retiring from teaching middle school, where he is now spending his time making music and homeschooling his daughter.