Sam Fohrman

Sam Fohrman is a Guitarist, Bassist, and Composer based in stunning Northern San Diego County. He realized his affinity for music when he picked up a ukelele at the age of three. Living in Rotorua, New Zealand at the time, he began learning the music his family played, Maori folk songs. Once he moved to the United States he began taking formal guitar lessons and did so for over seven years. Currently, Sam is a very active composer, recording artist, and music director for ensembles such as “Flash Of Glory” and  “4-Man” in the San Diego area. He has had more than five years of experience teaching guitar and bass, working with all ages and all ages and skill levels. He believes that students should be taught based on what they want to achieve as musicians and what they want to play. Sam currently lives in sunny Vista, California and enjoys the weather with his two dogs, Count and Luna.