Sara Maeng

Sara Maeng is a pianist, composer, producer, arranger based in Boston. She is a Film Scoring and Composition major at Berklee College of music. She dabbles in every musical genre, with strong influences from orchestra music, jazz, pop, gospel, and classical music.

 While growing up in Korea, She went to Howon University, performing jazz piano, composition major. During her time at University, Sara completed using sequence, for composed with K-pop music, producing, sound design, arranging. She arranged a lot of tunes for a horn, strings session. This sparked her interest in film scoring and also pushed her to begin orchestrations, mixing, and engineering. 

 In 2016, while she was in Korea, She got a job as a music director at Hallelujah community church. She released the album with the team, 5 songs. She is a producer, music director, arranger, and piano performer. Her arrangement recorded 20 million views on Youtube. This is the first fundamental for her’s musical experience. Based on this, she released the original album “My Redeemer”. She was a producer and director. Also a piano performer and arranger at Jacob studio in Korea. She wrote that original song when she was 15.

 She is a current producer for singer-songwriter Sara Lee. They have released 5 albums, Sara was a producer, arranger, beatmaker, keyboard player. Sara composed Ballad, Jazz, Fusion, Electronic music. Also, She taught in the Jazz Academy and a private lesson in Korea since 2014. She has a very passion for teaching for the next generation. 

 She worked for the film post-production company ‘interlock media’ in Summer 2019. She worked as the main composer. Her job was a sound designer, audio editor, dialogue editor, and composer. Currently, she is passionate about contemporary jazz and classical music, building on the career and expanding the musical realm. never-ending study and exploring with her passion.