Shayne Eckhardt

Shayne Eckhardt was born and raised in Denver, Colorado where he began learning piano at the age of three. He got his professional start in music when he began teaching private piano and guitar lessons in 2016 and writing drum-line warm ups for WGI competition teams and marching bands. Right now he is pursuing a bachelors degree of science in Music Production from Full Sail University. He played the electric bass guitar in marching band in high school and well as for the competitive percussion team in the winter time. He is self taught in piano, guitar, and several other instruments including drums and ukulele. Shayne studied music theory and composition at the Denver School of Performing Arts where he received a certificate of completion in the course that was offered as a high school specialty class over the span of a year. He developed his own proven curriculum for beginner piano and guitar as well as an introductory course into basic music comprehension and theory. Shayne has taught starting from age five all the way into early adulthood and has seen success at all ages in between. His coursework includes a very structured base of fundamentals while also offering room for fun and real enjoyment since he’s such a huge believer in the wonderful world of music. He was married in March of 2019 and currently lives with his wife, their two year old cat named Leia, and their brand new eight week old puppy named Artemis.