Soojin Ivory

Soojin Ivory grew up in Seoul, South Korea, where she studied and worked until 2017. She has released 4 singles, one gospel band album and one compilation album, which was a release from the South Korean drama OST. In addition to her own recordings, Soojin has performed and recorded as a background vocalist for Korean singers and actors like 지성 (Ji Sung), 송일국 (Song Il-gook), 알리 (Ali), 버블시스터즈 (Bubble Sisters), and 윤희정 (Yun Hee-jeong).

Soojin graduated from Dongduk Women’s University, which is considered one of the best commercial music programs in South Korea. She has been doing vocal lessons for over 6 years with both kids and adults. Her teaching style varies based on the student’s goals and progression. Soojin is bilingual and can teach in both Korean and English.

She loves to travel and just finished a six (6) month trip around East Asia and the South Pacific with her husband.