Spencer Conley

Born and raised in Southern California, Spencer Conley is a graduate of Musician’s Institute and an active touring and recording musician.  Having been playing music for 20 years, and teaching professionally for over 10, Spence has a well rounded repertoire of music for guitar, piano, bass, drums, and ukulele.  His professional credits include Fox’s “Glee” and “How I Met your Mother”, Bridges of Madison County the musical, regularly playing for Cottonwood Church, and his internationally touring hard rock band “Living Dead Stars”.  As an instructor, he focuses on getting students playing songs right away.  Focusing too much on theory and technicality in the beginning often makes lessons frustrating for students, so instead his approach is to get the students playing, then piecing together the theory and understanding as they go.  Are you a more advanced student?  No problem!  Spence will help you refine your technical skills and make understanding theory easy.  Whether you’re just beginning or an advanced, Spence is here for you.  Everything from Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Funk, RnB, and Classical music.