Tamila Umarkhanova

Tamila was born in Kazakhstan. She started to play violin at age of 6. She graduated from Kazakh National Conservatory in 2016.

After an internship at Royal Northern College of Music (United Kingdom), she received a proposal to participate in the Summer School West Dean from the teacher who taught her, Levon Chilingirian. She successfully passed the selection and received a scholarship from friends of Chilingirian Quartet for passing the master classes. She and her string quartet gave concerts and were warmly welcomed by the British public. After performing at the Summer School West Dean, the quartet opened new horizons for her creativity. She started  to develop a domestic quartet school through participation in international master classes and competitions, having repertoire that included classical works, as well as works of national composers for the quartet.

Tamila published the score book of Kazakh National composers in 2018, and participated in concerts and master classes around the world including United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Bangladesh, USA.

She moved to the United States in 2018.

Combining the achievements of Soviet classical performing schools with her unique Kazakh national colors, Tamila  is perspective young performer and teacher.