Tessa Roberts

Tessa is originally from Seattle,Wa. She’s been singing & performing since the age of 5 years old. Tessa studied through the LA Recording School for “Music Production & Engineering” and online at Berklee College of Music for “Studio Production/Engineering”.

 Tessa has worked with many renown Music Producers such as Steve McCarthy (Known for songs for the legendary show “The Brady Bunch”), Steve Dorff  (Known for working with Country legends as “George Straight” & “Reba”), Matt Forger (Known for working/engineering on “Michael Jackson’s”, “Thriller” album) and more..

 Tessa has over 15 years of experience in the recording studio and on stage. Her knowledge & time spent in the studio enables her to be equipped with voice over skills. Tessa has a knack for mimicking accents & dialects. Tessa has performed/toured at some great venues throughout California & Washington. She’s performed at many Fairs, Clubs, Venues & for many wonderful charity foundations such as, “Ronald McDonald House”, “Children’s Hospital” & “Cerebral Palsy Centers”.

 Tessa has used her training and experience to help others’ with their craft and passion for music and singing. She has taught children from the age of 8-15 years old. She has many vocal techniques and skills to help a singer/performer become more equipped and more comfortable finding “their voice”.