Thanos Papadoupolos

Born and raised in Greece, Thanos was exposed to a colorful palette of music from a young age. By the fifth grade he had picked up accordion, and at the age of fourteen joined a contemporary orchestra touring as their drummer in music festivals across Europe.

Thanos performed with various artists in Greece and has appeared at the popular TV show the X-Factor. During his time in the army he was selected as the drummer of the NATO army band. In May 2013 Thanos was accepted into Berklee College of Music with an academic scholarship. While at Berklee, he majored in Performance, Music Production & Engineering. He has worked with professors in numerous projects, teaching tonal harmony,music production and producing music for artists at the Berklee studios.

Thanos has toured along with legendary bands like the Dead Kennedys performing in some of the most historical Rock venues like the Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater and Theater of the Living Arts. His work has been praised by Radiohead’s producer Sean Slade and his credits as a composer include names like multi-Emmy award photojournalist Rick Macomber.